Whippets &

Maine Coon Cats

We have puppies!
2 males and 6 females!
Born May 26th 2024

Skylar, Burnt Sienna Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been to Norway and bred to Bendik, John Doe.
Thank you Thea for letting us use Bendik for his first litter.

Hopefully we will have a healthy litter with forward, happy puppies that have good appetites. Both parents have had eyes & hearts checked and the sire is LTV0 & SP0.

This combo is low COI at 5 generations, 0.39%, and check out the low ancestor loss at 10 generations!

Testmating on TWA

My name is Lisa Winder and I live with my husband Krister

and our daughter Kendra.

We live out in the country-side about a 15 minute drive from Örebro, which is between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

I bought my first whippet 1977, and I’ve always had at least two
or more in the house since then.

At the moment we have three whippets, 2 boys & 1 girl. 

The first purebred Maine Coon with a pedigree moved in March 2019
and the second one in March 2020.
We had a MCO litter 2021 and kept a female kitten from that litter.

Link to my Whippet Archives profile + litters

Lisa Winder

Herminge 313

705 94 Örebro



Telephone: + 46(0)766 345 550