Whippets &

Maine Coon Cats

We hope to have puppies this spring!

I am so happy to be able to lease Burnt Sienna Golden Gate Bridge "Stella" for a litter here at Burnt Sienna.

And the hopefully father to be is a male I've had my eyes on since he was a puppy, Swedish Champion & SW Winner 2022 Jelistaz Prince Blue Rain Man "Dustin".

Both parents are heart and eye checked ok.

Coefficient of inbreeding at 5 generations is 0.00 %
& a low Ancestor loss at 10 generations.

Here is a link to the pedigree:

Huge thanks to Kristin Sandahl & family and Sanna & Stefan Söderberg for making this possible.

We are keeping everything crossed here now!

My name is Lisa Winder and I live with my husband Krister

and our daughter Kendra.

We live out in the country-side about a 15 minute drive from Örebro, which is between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

I bought my first whippet 1977, and I’ve always had at least two
or more in the house since then.

At the moment we have three whippets, 2 boys & 1 girl. 

The first purebred Maine Coon with a pedigree moved in March 2019
and the second one in March 2020.
We had a MCO litter 2021 and kept a female kitten from that litter.

Link to my Whippet Archives profile + litters

Lisa Winder

Herminge 313

705 94 Örebro



Telephone: + 46(0)766 345 550