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SE*Kinnekattens Bedårande Beverly
Born 9th December 2019

Margareta Zederfeldt Wernestrand

& Per-Gunnar Wernerstrand

BeeBee has been tested Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) examined using an ultrasound machine (echocardiographic test) with good result, by Lennart Nilsfors.
She is HCM-Normal & PK-Normal via DNA test through her parents/ancestors.

She is also tested for Hip Dysplasia (HD) with grade 1 on left & right hip.
So she will be bred to a male with Normal grade on both hips. The health program is called Pawpeds, read more at:


The grading protocol under this system is as follows:

  • Normal: good hips, no anomalies
  • Grade 1: the mildest form of dysplasia
  • Grade 2: moderately affected hips
  • Grade 3: badly affected hips


    S*Dusty Coon's Kaoz, Red Tabby

    Born 27th December 2018

    Karin Göransson & Jeanette Carlsson