"Rio", Burnt Sienna Kenosha Mountain 


"Joyce", Jocyes-James Poet Of Cyly Of Course.

"Subway stations in Paris"

All of the puppies have new homes!

Link to testmating

The puppies 5 weeks old

Our lovely girl, "Rio", Burnt Sienna Kenosha Mountain  has been bred to "Joyce", Jocyes-James Poet Of Cyly Of Course.

Link to testmating

I had the great opportunity to lease Rio from her owner for a litter here at Burnt Sienna.

She has been lightly shown, graded Exellent each time, and with a CQ. She is from my wonderful 2011 litter which produced superb temperaments. Her brother Mixer, who lives here with us is a very outgoing friendly dog, and she is the same.

Joyce is a young male also lightly shown with Exellent and a CQ. He too is a sweet happy boy.

This will be the first litter for both of these nice sized whippets, we are very excited!